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Info & FAQ (All)


Anakin FAQ - Have you considered having Ani be a Disability Therapy Pet?

Yes, we did early on when Anakin was young. However Anakin’s personality as an adult cat is not suited for being around people he does not know. He prefers the quiet life a home with his familiar family that he knows and loves.

Anakin FAQ - Are you accepting donations to help with Anakin's medical expenses and care?

I didn't feel I should just publicly ask for donations. My own funds, funds from my parents (Thank you mom & dad! xoxox) as well as profits from my past website sales and ongoing Zazzle store for Ani ( Anakin The Two Legged Cat Zazzle Store ) and some donations from Anakin's very caring generous friends ( Thank you to all of you too!! )  have covered most of Anakin's medical expenses so far. Should Anakin have any extensive medical bills or needs in the future, I may need some help. As of right now I am happy to say I have all of his current needs covered. Thank you so much for thinking of us though. If you do have funds you are looking to donate, please think of donating it to help other animals in need.

Anakin FAQ - Can I send Anakin & your other cats &/or dog a card, toy, etc?

Of course! You can send these to my business PO Box. That address is,

Anakin Hawks
c/o Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio
PO Box 36364
Pensacola, FL 32516-6364

Thank you so much for caring about Anakin, Mika, Trixie, Pixie, & Buddy!

Anakin with letters and packages he received after his surgeries in 2012...

Anakin FAQ - Why did you make Anakin a website Facebook page & Twitter account & share him online?

I originally made the Facebook page & Twitter account to share Anakin's progress with family and friends. Then it just kind of blew up and more people were interested in his progress and want to watch him grow up too. I then created a Blogger page to be Ani's official website for those that wished to follow him but don't use Facebook or Twitter. I have added TikTok, Tumblr, Instagram & Vine as well. So I have embraced this interest in Anakin. I would like to see Anakin as a symbol of rescue and adoption of the all animals with challenges. It would be wonderful if people would see Ani's story and think of the love you can get from adopting a pet. I hope to bring more understanding to people about Ani and others out there like him.

Anakin's Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/AnakinTheTwoLeggedCat
Anakin's TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@anakintwolegs
Anakin's Instagram - http://www.Instagram.com/AnakinTwoLegs
Anakin's Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/anakintwolegs
Anakin's Tumblr - http://anakintwolegs.tumblr.com
Anakin's Website - http://AnakinTwoLeggedCat.com
Anakin on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/Tigerpixie

Anakin's most popular video has been shared all over the world....

Anakin FAQ - Why did you make Anakin a Zazzle Store & where will the profits go?

 Anakin's Zazzle Store is, http://AnakinTwoLeggedCatStore.com
The reason why I've put Ani on Zazzle is because I have been asked in comments over and over for his picture. Since I am an artist and use Zazzle for my artwork, it was an easy move for me to use Zazzle to allow Ani's friends to purchase any item with his picture on it that they might like. If you are not interested in this, then please don't be offended by Ani's friends that would like something like this. It is only an option for those that wish to visit Zazzle.

As for where the profits will go.......If you haven't figured it out by now, I am not a financially rich person. I work from home as a free lance artist and my husband is a very hard working restaurant assistant manager. We have two children, 5 cats and fish. Since Ani came into my life, I have devoted a large portion of my time to his care and letting his friends know about his life. That said, I donate 10% of the profits from Ani's sales on Zazzle to rescure groups that I would like to support and help them promote adoption and rescue of all animals.

I would like to see Anakin as a symbol of rescue and adoption of all animals with challenges. It would be wonderful if people would see a picture of Ani and think of the love you can get from adopting a pet. By having Ani on Zazzle where somebody might have a mug or a tote with his picture on it and somebody ask about it and is told his story.....I hope to bring more understanding to people about Ani and others out there like him.

Anakin FAQ - Will you be taking Anakin on TV or for Interviews etc?

No, Anakin is going to live his life as a happy normal loved and spoiled furbaby in my family. I have no interest in taking him anywhere for interviews, photos or personal appearances. I also will not be having anyone come to my home to interview me, my family or to video or photograph Anakin. However, I will continue to update everyone from the privacy of my home on Anakin's growth and his life adventures. I will also continue to spread Anakin's message of rescue and adoption through his website, Facebook, Twitter, other social media site and YouTube videos. I welcome the sharing of Ani's story without interfering in his life. You can see many of the places Anakin's story has been shared in this album on his Facebook page here, Anakin News Articles & Stories.

Here's an awesome news story about Anakin from China...

Anakin FAQ - Does Anakin get a lot of toys & gifts? Will you be donating any of the toys and gifts to shelters?

No, It actually it all looks like more than it really is and Anakin rarely gets mail now that he's older. Besides the new cat beds all the toys & treats they aren't using yet all fit into two small containers. Most of the toys he has received are played with and need to be replaced in a month or so anyway. Yes, we have taken a large gift basket of treats & toys to our local Humane society and will do so again when I have more items than Anakin & my family's cats can use. I don't have a lot of extra money to splurge on a lot of nice things for my cats. They always have had the necessities and a few things but not a lot of fancy extras. So it's nice to finally be able to spoil them all a little now with these gifts for them and Anakin. They are really enjoying it too!

Anakin FAQ - What happened to Anakin's siblings, his mother & the other feral cats from his colony?

 My mother (Anakin's Grandmother) wrote out "The rest of the story". Here it is... We all know that Ani came from a feral community at my husband's work and Carrie was able to go there and catch Ani and bring him home with her. But now I want to tell you......THE REST OF THE STORY! When Ani came to live with Carrie, that left Ani's mother, two siblings and four other cats in the colony that my husband continued to feed every day. But my husband would be retiring soon and nobody at his work would step up to take care of them. They even threaten to have them picked up and one man said he would shoot them. As you can imagine, we were all very upset by this and looked to local trap and release agencies for help. The wonderful folks at Jury Duty http://www.jury-duty.org/ stepped up and not only provided information and traps, but two lovely ladies spent a Sunday afternoon helping my husband catch four of the kitties. My husband was able to catch the remaining cats during the rest of that week. (On a sad note, Ani's mom was able to escape the cage while at our house and ran away somewhere in our neighborhood and despite looking for her we have never seen her again.) A trip to the vet and all were spayed, neutered and vaccinated. My husband's co-worker had asked his mom if she would take the seven cats to live with her other feral cats on her 10 acres, about two hours drive from Pensacola. You can see in the pixs that Ani's "family" is now living in a wonderful wooded paradise with a sweet woman that feeds and looks after them. Ani's two male siblings are living in her house and the others were acclimated to their new surroundings and released. But for all of Ani's friends that have noticed a resemblance between Trixie and Ani, there is more to THE REST OF THE STORY! Carrie adopted Trixie and Pixie from my husband's work about two years ago. They were living in a dumpster with three other siblings. Carrie took Trixie and Pixie and the same wonderful old lady took the others. So you see, Trixie, Pixie and Ani just MIGHT be related!! AND NOW YOU KNOW.......THE REST OF THE STORY :)

Anakin's family in their new home...

Anakin FAQ - Tell me about Anakin's new brother Mika?

Mika is Anakin's Brother from another Mother! We rescued Mika from a Texas shelter in February 2013. Mika is a special kitty just like Anakin. Mika has about 1/2 of a tail. He has all of one leg except for the actual foot part where the pads and toes would be, and his other leg stops a little ways passed his knee and just rounds off at the end. They say he was born this way. We had a custom made prosthetic house slipper foot for Mika so he will be would be able to walk easier with his almost complete back leg. So far he has not to want to use the slipper and thinks he is just fine without it. We have not pushed the issue since it was making him angry. Mika is a super friendly sweet cat and easily made him self at home with Anakin and The Gang. You can keep up with Mika's progress through Anakin's online pages. I post regularly about Mika on Anakin's website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages.

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