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Anakin FAQ - Who is Anakin?

Anakin "Ani" is a two legged cat, born in April 2012 without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn't stop him. He is full of love & life! I am posting updates, photos and videos of Anakin on his Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites as he grows. Follow Anakin's Life at the links below...
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Anakin's first video....

Anakin FAQ - Who are you?

My name is Carrie Hawks and I am a Fantasy Cat Artist. My website is Tigerpixie Art Studio. My art page on Facebook is My family & I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My family & I are lifelong animal lovers & we are giving Ani the absolute best possible home, love & care. Anakin's Facebook page is run by myself and Ani's Grandmother.

Anakin & Me...

Anakin & My Fantasy Cat Art....

Anakin FAQ - Where did you get Anakin?

Anakin was a feral cat that started coming to eating with a small group of feral cats living in the wood near my dad's work. I went to my dad's work a few time trying to catch him and finally did.

Anakin's first photo's at our house...

Anakin FAQ - What happened to his back legs?

Anakin was born without a pelvis or back legs. Since he was a feral cat we think his condition may of been caused by his mother being malnourished and maybe inbreeding. We aren’t really sure. You can see his xray from when he was 2 months old here,

Anakin FAQ - How old is Anakin?

We think he was born early to mid April 2012. So we have made his birthday April15, 2012 since it's the closest to what we figure Anakin's actually birthday would be. Anakin celebrated his first Happy Half year Birthday" October 15, 2012. He turned 6 months old! I created this flashback video highlighting some of Anakin's best moments from previous videos as well as a lot of never before seen video clips!
Anakin The Two Legged Cat is 6 Months Old! Ani's Video Flashback
Anakin turned 1 year old on April 15, 2013! Ani had some special treats, catnip and tons for extra head scratches and cuddles for his special day! I created another flashback video with lots of new video clips and some favorites too,
Happy First Birthday Anakin The Two Legged Cat!

Anakin FAQ - Why did you name him Anakin?

We named him after Anakin Skywalker. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan. I told him we'd name the kitten whatever he wanted as long as I could bring him home! So we named him Anakin "Ani" for short and it turned out to be the perfect name for him.

Anakin FAQ - What kind/color of cat is Anakin? Is he Polydactyl?

We really are not sure since he was a feral cat. We think he is just a regular domestic long hair. Right now his fur is white and kind of a dark charcoal gray with tabby markings and some brown and black tabby markings around his eyes and body. His fur is really soft & fluffy too.
No, Anakin is not a Polydactyl cat. Ani just has big paws and a lot of toe fluff that makes him appear to be polydactyl in some photos.

Anakin FAQ - Is Anakin in any pain?

No, not at all. He is a happy healthy normal cat that just happens to not have a pelvis or back legs. He is not in any pain at all.

Anakin in "Dreamland" not a care in the world....

Anakin FAQ - Will you be getting Ani a cart or some wheels to hold up his backend? Does his belly drag on the floor?

At this time we are not sure. Anakin has adapted amazingly well to his situation. He can run and zoom around just like any other cat. Since he has building up the muscles in his body, back and front legs gradually he has continued to  be able to support his weight as he's grown up without any problems. Actually right now wheels would hinder him from climbing and going where he wants to. There is no way he could climb on my bed or up his cat tower dragging wheels behind him. We will be keeping his weight in check for sure. However, as he gets older should our vet and I decide he needs one we will definitely get him fitted for some wheels. I have some great ideas in mind for Anakin's wheels should he need them. I've also made some nice contacts that I am keeping for future reference.
No, Anakin's belly does not drag on the floor. When he is walking he holds it up high from the floor and it looks like it's hovering. When Anakin runs his behind is lower to the ground and may touch a time or two as he runs. I think he find he runs faster with it closer to the ground but no he is not dragging it at all.

Anakin has no problems running around our house just watch this video,

Anakin FAQ - How does Anakin go to the litter box & does he make a mess? What kind of litter box/litter does he use?

Anakin uses the litter box just like any other cat. he kind of squats to pee. He holds his backend up with his front legs straight to poop. Ani has gotten messy a few times when he decided he has to cover up his business. He sometimes lays down on his side and uses the front paws to cover it and may gets a little on his belly. I clean him up good when this happens. It doesn't happen very often now that Ani is older. He will just leave it uncovered most of the time. Anakin has 2 kinds of litter boxes. One box has a puppy pee pad in it. The second box is a Breeze box with Yesterday's News litter. These boxes are in multiple places throughout our house so all of the cats have plenty of litter boxes to choose from.

Anakin FAQ - Is Anakin on a special diet?/ What does he eat/drink?

All of my pets drink filtered water from my refrigerator in a pet fountain, no tap water. Right now, Anakin is on a diet of Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal High Energy food to keep things moving in his system & make it easier for him to eliminate. He also gets Vetri Science Composure, UT Strength Lysine Plus and  treats and/or a few pieces of dry food throughout the day.

Anakin FAQ - Does Anakin have any health issues other than his missing pelvis and back legs?

Anakin had a rectal prolapse when he was about 8 weeks old that had to have purse string stitches. Then he also had a Barium Enema with xrays to check for abnormalities in his intestines. Everything looked normal on the Barium x-rays and also on his regular x-rays as well. He has been treated for coccidia and roundworms. Ani has had all of his normal kitten vaccinations, testing for feline leukemia was negative and has been wormed for other types of worms and parasites.
Anakin had a relapse of his prolapsed rectum on 8/10/12. We found this relapse was caused by diarrhea from the intestinal parasite Giardia. We believe that this parasite has been dormant in his system from when I rescued him & is just showing itself now. He was hospitalized and had purse string stitches put in place again. He was treated for the parasites and has fully recovered like before. Anakin has also had a few UTI's which were treated with antibiotics. He is now on a Urinary Health Supplement so that the UTI's do not reoccur. You can read more about this relapse, his vet visits and updates on his condition on Anakin’s blog,

Anakin FAQ - Is Anakin neutered? Why neuter Ani?

Yes, Anakin was neutered with a Cryptorchid Neuter Surgery in March 2013. Ani's testicles did not drop so he first had an ultrasound to see if they were inside or if they are completely absent. They were inside just under his skin. His surgery had some complications. Anakin was allergic to the Chlorhexidine solution that was used on his breathing tube. His mouth and tongue became covered with sores and ulcers. He was treated for them and the pain they caused him. Also for his surgery he ended up with a thrid incision instead of just two because the testicle moved and had to be relocated again. Anakin was on antibiotics to prevent infection but still got a fever and infection. So he was placed on a second antibiotic. He then quickly healed and was soon back to his normal self. His belly fur is growing back where he had to be shaved.

Why neuter Ani? Anakin needed to be neutered for many reasons, He was starting to mark territory in my house like a male cat. Also having testicles that remain in the abdomen is not good for his health. They are more prone to future problems like cancer or torsion (twisting and cutting off blood supply). So it was best for him to be neutered.

Anakin's beautiful bald belly after his neuter surgery...

Anakin FAQ - How does Anakin move around and does he jump and climb?

He positions his front legs at an angle towards the middle of his body and balances his backend in the air with the use of his tail touching the ground if he needs it. He gets around really well that way and is pretty quick too. He doesn't really jump but kind of lunges up and forward. He does use his claws to climb and we will not cut his claws. Anakin has lots of steps/ramps to the couch, bed, windows etc so he can go where he wants to in our house. Anakin has no problems climbing to the very top of the Cat Condo just watch this video here. 

Anakin FAQ - Is Anakin living in your bathroom?

 No, When he was small the bathroom was the safest place in our house for him when he couldn't be supervised. I have 4 other full grown cats and a 60 pound dog. Anakin now has the run of the house and sleeps next to me on my bed most nights. Anakin has been socialized with all of our other pets slowly just like I did with his 2 older sisters two years earlier. Anakin is doing very well with all our or cats and our dog Buddy too. This album shows how I socialized Trixie & Pixie. I'm did the exact same with Anakin when he was younger, Trixie & Pixie Album

Anakin & Our dog Buddy....

Anakin FAQ - Have Anakin's medical bills been expensive?

Not terribly expensive yet, but definitely a lot more expensive than caring for your average kitten. Like with any pet, you are going to have medical expenses for their care. Anakin's medical expense have been more than normal due to his unique situation and having repeated surgery for his rectal prolapse and complications from that. Also the Cryptorchid neuter surgery with ultrasound and complications he had back in March 2013. I have had to take Ani to the Emergency Pet Hospital four times now and it is more costly then to our regular vet. Anakin's Friends online and my family have been very generous in helping me cover the most expensive vet bills Anakin has had. I am forever grateful for their generosity.

Anakin FAQ - Have you considered having Ani be a Disability Therapy Pet?

Yes, we did early on when Anakin was young. However Anakin’s personality as an adult cat is not suited for being around people he does not know. He prefers the quiet life a home with his familiar family that he knows and loves.

Anakin FAQ - Are you accepting donations to help with Anakin's medical expenses and care?

I didn't feel I should just publicly ask for donations. My own funds, funds from my parents (Thank you mom & dad! xoxox) as well as profits from my past website sales and ongoing Zazzle store for Ani ( Anakin The Two Legged Cat Zazzle Store ) and some donations from Anakin's very caring generous friends ( Thank you to all of you too!! )  have covered most of Anakin's medical expenses so far. Should Anakin have any extensive medical bills or needs in the future, I may need some help. As of right now I am happy to say I have all of his current needs covered. Thank you so much for thinking of us though. If you do have funds you are looking to donate, please think of donating it to help other animals in need.

Anakin FAQ - Can I send Anakin & your other cats &/or dog a card, toy, etc?

Of course! You can send these to my business PO Box. That address is,

Anakin Hawks
c/o Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie Art Studio
PO Box 36364
Pensacola, FL 32516-6364

Thank you so much for caring about Anakin, Mika, Trixie, Pixie, & Buddy!

Anakin with letters and packages he received after his surgeries in 2012...

Anakin FAQ - Why did you make Anakin a website Facebook page & Twitter account & share him online?

I originally made the Facebook page & Twitter account to share Anakin's progress with family and friends. Then it just kind of blew up and more people were interested in his progress and want to watch him grow up too. I then created a Blogger page to be Ani's official website for those that wished to follow him but don't use Facebook or Twitter. I have added TikTok, Tumblr, Instagram & Vine as well. So I have embraced this interest in Anakin. I would like to see Anakin as a symbol of rescue and adoption of the all animals with challenges. It would be wonderful if people would see Ani's story and think of the love you can get from adopting a pet. I hope to bring more understanding to people about Ani and others out there like him.

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Anakin's most popular video has been shared all over the world....

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