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LE Canvas - Witch's Kittens

Witch's Kittens - Limited Edition Canvas Prints - Two adorable little Witch's Kittens sit with a vampire skull. This drawing is based on an image of m..


OE Canvas - Orange Blossoms

Orange Blossoms Open Edition Canvas Prints - This is a very special painting I did as a collaboration with my good friend & fellow Florida artist&..


Prints - Alien Cat

Alien Cat - Prints - An adorable green Alien Cat from the purple crystal planet Meowthon in search of catnip!..


Prints - Alien Cats

Alien Cats - Prints - Adorable green Alien Cats from the purple crystal planet Meowthon in search of catnip!..


Prints - Astra Moon Cat

Astra Celestial Moon Cat - Prints - Astra is sparkly purple and silver cat with a moon shaped necklace sitting under the night stars...


Prints - Atlantean Mercat

Atlantean Mercat - Prints - An Atlantis Mermaid Cat swimming in the ancient ruins of the legendary lost city...


Prints - Autumn Winds Fairy Cat

Autumn Winds Fairy Cat - Prints - A tiny colorful fairy cat surfs the fall wind's breeze on a falling leaf...


Prints - Bakeneko Nekomata

Bakeneko Nekomata - Prints - AKA The "Ace of Wands" for the 78 Tarot Mythical Deck. A positive card full of personal power and hope for the future. I ..


Prints - Ballerina Cat

Ballerina Cat - Prints - A graceful Chocolate Point Siamese Cat as a beautiful ballerina with a rose print pink tutu, ballet slippers and shimmering g..


Prints - Bast Goddess

Bast Goddess - Prints - Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast, or Bastet, daughter of Isis and Ra, protector of home and family, moon and sun goddess...


Prints - Bela Vampire Cat

Bela Vampire Cat - Prints - Bela is so gothic evil and cute, sitting on a gravestone in the cemetery...


Prints - Blue Jay Kittens

Blue Jay Kittens - Prints - A pair of newly hatched Blue Jay Kittens. Their nest is in a flowering dogwood tree. The Bird Cats are wide-eyed and ready..


Prints - Bubble Fairy Cat

Bubble Fairy Cat - Prints - A cute little blue and green fairy cat hitches a ride on a big bubble...


Prints - Bubble Fairy Kitten

Bubble Fairy Kitten - Prints - A cute little pink and purple fairy kitten hitches a ride on a big bubble...


Prints - Buzz Bumble Bee Fairy Cat

Buzz The Bumble Bee Fairy Cat  - Prints - Buzz is a little shy. He has gotten a little chubby and is worried about what the other fairy cats thin..


Prints - Calico's Mystical Pumpkin

Calico's Mystical Pumpkin - Prints - A beautiful Calico cat finds two fairy cat friends around a magical autumn pumpkin...


Prints - Candy Fairy Cat, Hard Candy

Candy Fairy Cat, Hard Candy - Prints - Sweetie the Hard Candy Fairy Cat sits atop of a grape purple hard candy while other colorful candies dance arou..


Prints - Captain Leo

Captain Leo - Prints - The brave pirate cat, Captain Leo sails the seas at sunset with his little piRATe (pirate rat)...


Prints - Cardinal Cats

Cardinal Cats - Prints - A male & female Cardinal cat sitting on a snowy tree branch in an evergreen forest with snow capped mountains in the dist..


Prints - Carmilla

Carmilla - Prints - "Carmilla", written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was first published as a serial novella in the penny dreadful magazine The Dark Blu..