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Note Card - Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cat

Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cat - Note Card - This fairy cat has come face to face with a Monarch Butterfly in a beautiful flower garden...


Note Card - Musical Mercat

Musical Mercat - Note Card - A pretty purple Mermaid Cat swimming with a conch shell playing a rainbow of beautiful music...


Note Card - My Feline Valentine

My Feline Valentine - Note Card - A beautiful black and white tuxedo fairy cat in a Victorian scrollwork heart holding her valentine heart and roses...


Note Card - Nami & Rookia's Dragons

Nami & Rookia's Dragons - Note Card - Two tuxedo cats relaxing in a forest mushroom garden with two cute little blue dragon friends...


Note Card - Persephone Goddess of Spring New

Note Card - Persephone Goddess of Spring

Persephone Goddess of Spring - Note Card - My own cat version of Persephone Goddess of Spring/Queen of the Underworld". I decided to use the classic d..


Note Card - Prince Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Prince Anakin The Two Legged Cat - Note Card - A portrait I created of our two legged cat Anakin all dressed up as the Little Prince we all know he is..


Note Card - Princess Finoa

Princess Fiona -Note Card- Fiona is a beautiful tuxedo cat with a sparkly silver & pink tiara princess crown...


Note Card - Purrfect Page of Pentacles

Purrfect Page of Pentacles - Note Card - My own kitty Sweet Mika Bunny as the "Purrfect Page of Pentacles"...


Note Card - Purrincess Isadora

Purrincess Isadora  - Note Card - A magical blue-eyed snow white cat adorned with a celestial unicorn horn headdress of peacock feathers, beading..


Note Card - Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat

Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat -Note Card- A cute big eyed Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat with psychedelic paisley rainbow colors behind the winged Cat...


Note Card - Rajah Sun Cat

Rajah Golden Sun Cat -Note Card- Rajah is a sparkly orange, red and gold cat with a sun shaped necklace sitting under a sunny sky...


Note Card - Raven's Moon

Raven's Moon -Note Card- A gothic winged black cat and a raven meet in the cemetery under the full moon...


Note Card - Rue Rue's Fortune

Rue Rue's Fortune - Note Card - Rue Rue wishes for fairy wing but instead this Siamese sees an interesting vision. The Oriental cat, spies a Japanese ..


Note Card - Senorita Cat

Senorita Cat - Note Card - A beautiful white cat wearing a colorful floral crown of marigolds, roses and daisies. She is dressed in a multicolored emb..


Note Card - Siamese Coffee Cat

Siamese Coffee Cat - Note Card - A Seal Point Siamese Cat looking very dapper in his collar & blue tie sits by a hot cup of Coffee! I Love Coffee!..


Note Card - SnowCat Kitties New

Note Card - SnowCat Kitties

SnowCat Kitties  - Note Card - Three adorable big-eyed kitties and their (snowman) SnowCat friends. This whimsical painting features an Orange Ta..


Note Card - Spring Showers Fairy Cat

Spring Showers Fairy Cat -Note Card- A tiny colorful fairy cat flies above the flowers near a spring shower's rainbow...


Note Card - Springtime Magic

Springtime Magic - Note Card - AKA Four of Wands, A beautiful blue eyed white fairy cat uses four wands to create a little bit of magic in the form of..


Note Card - St. Paddy's Day Cat

St. Paddy's Day Cat - Note Card - A lucky lil orange tabby cat all dressed in her finest St. Patrick's Day top hat & lucky 4 leaf clover necklace...


Note Card - Steampunk Cat Gal

Steampunk Cat Gal - Note Card - An elegant Victorian steampunk cat gal poses for the perfect portrait with an interesting collection of flying ships, ..