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Magnet - Winter Snowflake Fairy Cat

Winter Snowflake Fairy Cat - Magnet - An adorable winter fairy kitten flying with her snowflakes...


Note Card - Autumn Winds Fairy Cat

Autumn Winds Fairy Cat -Note Card- A tiny colorful fairy cat surfs the fall wind's breeze on a falling leaf...


Note Card - Blue Jay Kittens

Blue Jay Kittens - Note Card - A pair of newly hatched Blue Jay Kittens. Their nest is in a flowering dogwood tree. The Bird Cats are wide-eyed and re..


Note Card - Bubble Fairy Cat

Bubble Fairy Cat -Note Card- A cute little blue and green fairy cat hitches a ride on a big bubble...


Note Card - Bubble Fairy Kitten

Bubble Fairy Kitten -Note Card- A cute little pink and purple fairy kitten hitches a ride on a big bubble...


Note Card - Buzz Bumble Bee Cat

Buzz The Bumble Bee Fairy Cat -Note Card- Buzz is a little shy. He has gotten a little chubby and is worried about what the other fairy cats think of ..


Note Card - Calico's Mystical Pumpkin

Calico's Mystical Pumpkin - Note Card - A beautiful Calico cat finds two fairy cat friends around a magical autumn pumpkin...


Note Card - Candy Fairy Cat, Hard Candy

Elemental Air Cat - Note Card - Sweetie the Hard Candy Fairy Cat sits atop of a grape purple hard candy while other colorful candies dance around her...


Note Card - Dea Dragonfly Cat

Dea The Dragonfly Fairy Cat -Note Card- Dea sitting on a forest mushroom surrounded by wild purple allium flowers...


Note Card - Elemental Air Fairy Cat

Elemental Air Fairy Cat - Note Card - The elemental spirit of Air represented as a beautiful white fairy cat in the clouds...


Note Card - Elemental Earth Fairy Cat

Elemental Earth Fairy Cat -Note Card- The elemental spirit of Earth represented as a lovely earth tone fairy cat with butterfly wings, ivy vines, leaf..


Note Card - Fairy Light

Fairy Light -Note Card- This portrait is based on a photo of my own cat Tabby. She spies a little fairy light coming to visit her...


Note Card - Logan Ladybug Cat

Logan The Ladybug Fairy Cat -Note Card- Logan sitting on a forest mushroom surrounded by wild purple allium flowers. He's thinking "Yeah, that's right..


Note Card - Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cat

Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cat - Note Card - This fairy cat has come face to face with a Monarch Butterfly in a beautiful flower garden...


Note Card - My Feline Valentine

My Feline Valentine - Note Card - A beautiful black and white tuxedo fairy cat in a Victorian scrollwork heart holding her valentine heart and roses...


Note Card - Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat

Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat -Note Card- A cute big eyed Rainbow Paisley Fairy Cat with psychedelic paisley rainbow colors behind the winged Cat...


Note Card - Spring Showers Fairy Cat

Spring Showers Fairy Cat -Note Card- A tiny colorful fairy cat flies above the flowers near a spring shower's rainbow...


Note Card - Springtime Magic

Springtime Magic - Note Card - AKA Four of Wands, A beautiful blue eyed white fairy cat uses four wands to create a little bit of magic in the form of..


Note Card - Summer Sunshine Fairy Cat

Summer Sunshine Fairy Cat -Note Card- A tiny colorful fairy cat sits on a sunflower leaf in the summer sun's rays...


Note Card - The Chimera Vanity

The Chimera Vanity - Note Card- A drab gray cat as she peeks into the colorful fantasy fairy cat world that lives inside the enchanted vanity mirror...