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Tigerpixie Update! New Art Lil Mummy Kitten, Halloween Patreon Coloring Pages, WIP Voodoo Fairy Cat Doll!

Posted by tigerpixie 10/20/2018 0 Comment(s) News,
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Tigerpixie Art Studio, Fantasy Cat Art by Carrie Hawks

What's New At Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art

This is a Quick Update tonight :) I have New Art! "Lil Mummy Kitten" is a cute little friend for my Halloween Black Kitty. Prints, Jewelry & Gift Items featuring "Lil Mummy Kitten" have been added to my site. My October Patreon Coloring Pages have been released! 2 pages this month :D I have made both of the Halloween kitties mentioned above into adorable coloring pages just in time for Halloween. What's up next for me? All of the details are below.....
Lil Mummy Kitten by Carrie Hawks Tigerpixie.com
 "Lil Mummy Kitten" has been added to my website! I LOVE how he turned out & he's just in time for Halloween too! :D The Original painting has already Sold! "Lil Mummy Kitten" Jewelry, Gift Items, Prints & Limited Edition Canvases are available on my website here...
AND they are all On Sale 20% Off until Friday, 10/26/18. 

"Lil Mummy Kitten" - An  adorable wide eyed grey kitty dressed as an Egyptian Bast Mummy for  Halloween. He is on a spooky forest trail and has a Jack O Lantern sack  full of cat toys and cat treats from Trick-Or-Treating. I love  Halloween! It's my favorite holiday."

Please let me know if you have any questions at all or if you have any issues at all with my website or checking out. You can either message me through Patreon or email me at Chawks@tigerpixie.com and I will get back to you asap.

October Halloween Patreon Coloring Pages
2 Brand New Pages! Halloween Black Kitty and Lil Mummy Kitten

"Halloween Black Kitty" and "Lil Mummy Kitten"! 2 Halloween Kitten Cuties for some Halloween Coloring Fun! I love Fall, October & Halloween! These are the 11th and12th coloring pages I have released so far. The Monthly Coloring Pages are a variety of pages, some I already have made, Newly Released Pictures & Patreon Exclusive Coloring Pages too. I have included JPG, PDF,  PNG and Grayscale JPG files to easily open and save to your computer and/or device. You can print and color these images as many times as you'd like. If you are already in the "Curious Cat" $5+ Reward Tier or Above, All of the Coloring Pages can be found by clicking the "Coloring Pages" Featured tag on the top left on my Patreon page or at this link, https://patreon.com/tigerpixie/posts?tag=Coloring+Pages 

"Halloween Black Kitty" - An  adorable wide eyed black kitty peeks over the top of a glowing cat  faced Jack O Lantern. I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. This  painting was inspired by vintage Halloween images & postcards.  You can see my original painting in color on my website here,  

"Lil Mummy Kitten" - An  adorable wide eyed grey kitty dressed as an Egyptian Bast Mummy for  Halloween. He is on a spooky forest trail and has a Jack O Lantern sack  full of cat toys and cat treats from Trick-Or-Treating. I love  Halloween! It's my favorite holiday.  You can see my original painting in color on my website here, https://tigerpixie.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=mummy

However please feel free to color your version with whichever colors & mediums you would like and create something completely different from mine :) That's part of the fun!

Not my Patron yet? OR Not in the "Curious Cat" $5 Reward Tier or Above? Printable Coloring Pages and Digital Downloads are included in my Patreon $5 Tier here, https://Patreon.com/Tigerpixie When you sign up or upgrade your Reward Tier you will receive access to all of the current coloring pages and all new pages and digital downloads as they are released. It's more than just Coloring Pages though...

Why Join My Patreon? My Patreon page is a special place for me to interact and connect with those who want to know more about me and my art. There I share a more personal look at myself, my creative processes and inspirations than I currently do on any other social site. Depending on which Patreon Reward Tier you pledge to as a Thank You from me you’ll receive Fantastic Rewards each month! Pledging starts at just $1.00 a month and you can receive rewards Like... Patreon Only Posts – Patreon is the very first place I Share Works In Progress Pics, New Art & Sales – Exclusive Enamel Pins - Monthly Downloadable Coloring Pages - Your Own 25% Off Code to Tigerpixie.com - First Dibs List for New Art - Monthly Original Artwork, Sketches, Prints &/or Gift Sets mailed right to your door - Random Patron Surprises and so much more! Your Patreon pledges will be going specifically to supporting my artwork such as my business-related costs, supplies and equipment I need to keep my art career thriving. You can edit your pledge or cancel at any time.

Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll

Work In Progress! "Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll"

My sweet little Voodoo Fairy Kitty has been waiting way too long to be painted & is all ready to go I'm going to paint her this week. She will be colorful, adorable & make a purrfect pair with the first painting "Voodoo Cat Doll" :) I'm already seeing her as a matching Pin to the first Voodoo Kitty Pin too! :D I hope you all like her as much as I do! 

 "Printed Cat" Patreon Patrons :D This cute Voodoo Fairy Kitty is going to be your 8" x 10" art print for October! WooHoo! :)

Not my Patron yet? It's not too late to get your own October Gift or Art Print Package.... OR Already my Patron & want to Upgrade your Reward Tier to receive Monthly Patron Packages & Exclusive Pins in the mail automatically?
You can join my Patreon or upgrade your reward tier level at, https://Patreon.com/Tigerpixie

What's Up Next for Me?
Still Painting! I'm hoping to get a lot more done :D Yay! I'm also looking into getting a few more pins made. If there's an image of mine that you'd love to see as an enamel pin please let me know. As always, I'll be posting regularly on Patreon with what exactly I'm doing if you want to pop in there and take a peek!
I hope that you enjoy my "Lil Mummy Kitten" painting, "Voodoo Empress Fairy Cat Doll" Work in Progress and Patreon Halloween Coloring Pages too! Thank you so much for your support! As always please feel free to email me, questions@tigerpixie.com with any questions, suggestions or requests.
 Carrie >^..^<