Tigerpixie Update! My Birthday Sale, New Enamel Pins! Pin Original Art, Our New Kitty Arya

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Tigerpixie Art Studio, Fantasy Cat Art by Carrie Hawks

What's New At Tigerpixie Fantasy Cat Art

First, I would like to give a big Welcome to all of my new subscribers :) Thank you so much for your support! I have been very busy behind the scenes adding new things to my website and working on some other projects for my art and also a few things involving my cat Anakin. Today I have to share with you my New Enamel Pins (seen in my update) are now available! I also have the Original Linework Drawings for each pin available as a special set with one of the pins. Even better, I'm having a 20% Off Sale for My Birthday Week & Everything* even the new pins and originals are on sale! Last and certainly not least I want to introduce our new kitty Arya! She had a very rough start in life but is now doing great and making herself right at home with us :)

My first 3 Enamel Pins are now available!
"Day of the Dead Cat", "Maneki Neko Luck" and "Halloween Black Kitty"!

I had ordered 50 of each design to start with and they did really well at DragonCon! I only have a little over 30 of each design to list on my website, Etsy etc. So if you really want them I wouldn't wait. If DragonCon is any indication they will go fast and once gone it will be a little while before I am able to get them back in stock. They are priced at $15.00 each BUT with my 20% Off Sale this week they are only $12.00 each! See them all here, https://tigerpixie.com/shop-cat-art/cat-enamel-pins

My Tigerpixie Collectible Pins are soft enamel and metal pins. I personally redesigned my original artworks and chose the enamel colors to be perfect for each pin. The pin sizes may vary and will be listed in the description of each individual pin. The pins have two secure "locking" backs to keep them from getting lost and keep them straight and in place. All of my pins are stamped on the back with the copyright symbol and my name, ©Carrie Hawks, Tigerpixie. The Pins will come packaged on a backing board in a clear resealable sleeve and are mailed bubble wrapped in an envelope for protection.

Where to wear your Tigerpixie Pin Flair? On a Lanyard, Hat or Scarf... On your Lapel or Shirt Collar... On your Purse, Bag or Backpack... In the Extra Holes of your Belt... On a Jacket or Scarf... Decorate your own personal Collectible Pin Board... That's just a few ideas. There are so many more! :)

About These First 3 Pins... Of course, I had to make my "Day of the Dead Cat" first! :) My "Halloween Black Kitty" looks like he was born to be a pin! This little guy came out so cute! Purrfect for Halloween too! I thought my first "Maneki Neko - Luck" would make such a cute pin! Also who doesn't want to take a little extra Luck with them everywhere they go.

Original Linework Drawing and Enamel Pin Sets

There is only 1 Original Linework Drawing and Pin Set of each pin image available. These are my original 8" x 10" pen and colored pencil line work drawing I created for my custom pin designs. This set includes the drawing on Bristol paper and one of the pins created from the artwork. They are truly One Of A Kind since this image was only used to create the pins and I am not selling prints of them.  They are priced at $125.00 per set BUT with my 20% Off Sale this week they are only $100.00 each!

 See them all here, https://tigerpixie.com/shop-cat-art/cat-enamel-pins 

20% Off Sale Tigerpixie.com
My Birthday Sale! 20% Off at Tigerpixie.com 
Now through October 9, 2017

I thought it would be nice to have a sale for my birthday this year! It's on October 6th :) The prices are already marked at 20% off so there are no coupon codes to deal with. For  this sale my Original Paintings are hundreds of dollars off the regular prices, Limited Edition Canvases start at $79, 8" x 10" Prints start at  $13.60, Jewelry & my brand New Enamel Pins & Original Pin Lineworks are at a  great price too! Tigerpixie.com

*Exclusions - This sale does not apply to Etsy, Custom  Commission Paintings, Wholesale Orders, Fine Art America/Pixels, Redbubble or  Zazzle.

Our New Baby Arya!
This little girl has kept me super busy for now & I wouldn't have it any other way :D <3 She was in the middle of the road in my brother-in-law's neighborhood & not moving. Cars were just driving around her like she wasn't there! She ran into someone's yard when I came up to her. I had some cat food and she was starving so after some coaxing & following her under cars & in bushes my daughter and I were able to catch her. She was very sick and underweight. My Vet & her Techs helped me get her well & happy. We named her Arya after Game of Thrones since I was crawling around all over someone's yard in the dark trying to catch her while the Game of Thrones finale was on & I love that show ;)   It's been a little over a month since we rescued her and she is doing great & fitting in with Anakin, Mika, Trixie & Pixie just fine :) If you would like to read all of her backstory about us catching her & her bumpy path to getting well it is all on Anakin's Blog starting on 8/27/17 then work your way forward through the "newer posts" link at the bottom of each post.
What's Up Next?

I'm going to try and do more skeches & drawings for Inktober/Drawlloween this month! I'll be posting them online. I want to make a new Halloween painting too!  I invite you to follow my works in progress on my Patreon Page, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, my Blog, etc. All linked at the top and/or bottom of this Update.
I hope you take advantage of my Birthday Sale and find something new for yourself & your cat loving family members and friends! Please let me know if you have any questions and what you think of my new pins too! Also I would love to know which of my paintings you would like to see as pins next! :) Keep an eye out online for my new WIPs! Thank you so much for your support! As always please feel free to E-Mail me with any questions, suggestions or requests.
I'll be in touch!!
Carrie >^..^<