Custom cat paintings by cat artist Carrie Hawks Tigerpixie*Notice * Commissions are currently Closed * Thank you for your understanding.*
You can commission a portrait of your cat. Each portrait is painted in my own style, to resemble your cat and his or her special personality.

If your looking to have your cat painted as some type of character (for example, ballerina, king, 1920's gangster, flapper, vampire.... the list is endless....) OR in an interesting setting (for example, with dragons, fairies, in a jungle, sitting with antiques, with ghosts.... also an endless list...) then I would love to talk to you about a commission painting featuring your cat!
Please view the examples shown on this page below and my other artworks in my
Cat Art Print Gallery to get an idea of the various styles of art I offer. This will serve as a good starting point for the painting that you and I create.

I will need at least 2 (close-up and full body) good clear photos of your cat, more photos if you have them. Photos can be sent as digital images by e-mail, or by regular post office mail. (All mailed photos will be returned with the completed painting.) Please also include your pet's name, sex, any unique markings that do not show up well in the photos and anything else I should know about your cat. It is important to submit photos which best show the character of your cat. It is also helpful to know which if any of my prior work resembles what you are looking for in your cat's portrait.

Ordering / Pricing

Ordering / Pricing - Please be sure to contact well in advance of any deadline since I do have a waiting list. After we discuss the details of the painting, I will quote you the total price for the work with shipping costs. I will place you on the waiting list and give you an approximate date that we will begin working on your commission. Once I begin working on your commission I require 50% of the total up front to cover material costs and as a deposit. You will be sent by email sketches for approval before painting begins. I will also send you images by email of the painting in progress. I will make as many revisions as necessary until you are 100% happy with the painting. You will also receive digital images by e-mail of the completed painting to you for your approval before sending you an invoice for the remaining total amount due. Once started most commissions can be completed and shipped within 4 weeks, unless otherwise stated when you place your order.

The price of the custom commissioned painting is be determined by size, level of detail, style, medium, materials used and any other factors involved with your commission request. Below are the approximate prices for artwork created with acrylic paints on canvas sheet with shipping by Priority Mail with insurance. Please send your Commission Inquiry to; so we may discuss your requests and wishes for your custom painting.

*Notice * Commissions are currently Closed * Thank you for your understanding.*
Pencil Drawings - Single Cat

Start at $600 for an 8" x 10" on Bristol paper.

Single Cat  
Acrylic Painting on Canvas Sheet

Size          Reg         A/C*
8" x 10"     $1000.00     +$40.00
9" x 12"     $1100.00     +$60.00
11" x 14"     $1300.00     +$80.00
12" x 16"    $1500.00    + $100.00
14" x 18"    $1700.00    + $120.00
16" x 20"    $1900.00    + $140.00

*A/C: Additional charges (in increments)  for more than one cat or subject, gallery wrapped canvas, detailed background etc.

Payment Details

*A/C: Additional charges (in increments)  for more than one cat or subject, gallery wrapped canvas, detailed background etc.

Payments - can be made through my PayPal secure server using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. I will send you an invoice with the total. To pay by Check or Money Order please ask for my address to mail your payment. Florida Residents will have 7.5 % Sales Tax added to the total. Payments must be in US Funds.

Copyrights & Publication Rights
Copyrights & Publication Rights - Commissioned paintings may be added to my online portfolio and/or published. I prefer to be able to sell prints and license the commission paintings I create, But I do understand that some may not want their cat's portrait available to the public. So I will not sell prints or license commissioned painting images without your permission. I will also ask for permission to display your cat's photo online along side the painting I create.

Buyer is not purchasing the rights to any images. All publishing and reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. All images are not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. If you are unsure of the legal rights retained by the artist following the sale of the work, or are purchasing of the artwork with the intention of re-selling this work you must be aware of the
Visual Artists Rights Act

*Notice * Commissions are currently Closed * Thank you for your understanding.*
Please send your Commission Inquiry to;
I will reply to your e-mail as soon as possible and look forward to working with you!
Carrie Hawks "Tigerpixie"